Since a birth day of a newborn till a baby grows up, over 20 events are organized. One of the most import celebrations is Tusau Keser. From Kazakh language it translates as cutting the fetters.


Kazakh people do Tusau Keser so that the child will quickly get to the feet. Traditionally this celebration is organized when child begins to walk. But usually, in most cases, it comes when the child turns one-year-old. Parents do it so their children will quickly get to his feet. Older people believe that if Tussau Keser would not held the future of the child will be bad and if it is held, the baby will be happy, lucky and will have a bright future.

For the ritual parents make toy and invite lots of guests with their children. Guests brings presents for a baby. Firstly, guests eat and have fun and after celebrating ritual begins. Toddler's legs are tied with a black and white rope. These colors are chosen so the child will make a difference between bad and good things in the future. Some parents, instead of a striped rope, tie the legs with the intestines of some animal. So that child in the future will be rich and honorable. Seldom, for tying, people used a rope woven from grass. They believe that child will quickly grow up and mature faster.

Tusau keser (cutting put) Previously, there was such a peculiar sign. If we go to the question "who will cut the put of the child?", Then there are two options. The first option - parents choose this person.

People believe that a person who cuts the fetters of a child will pass his/her energy and skills to the baby. So the person should be smart, respected, kind; parents choose a person whom their child should be similar to.

The “chosen” person must bring a knife and a rope. Parents spread a special white little carpet. They put the baby on the carpet and the chosen person cuts the rope. After that, two people should take hands of the child and lead him/her on the carpet. While they do it people through shashy (candies and coins).

In some regions, special items are placed on the end of the carpet (books, dombyra, whip) and the child should choose one of the items. For example, if the child chooses a book, it mean he or she will become a scientist, teacher etc. And if the baby chooses a whip, will become strong and powerful. If the child choses dombyra, he or she will connect own life with music or art.

There is also a second version of the ritual. In some regions, people make running competition among the boys. The winner boy who won first place will cut the rope to the child. Some people believe that the energy of this boy will transfer to the baby. Then parents of a baby gives presents to the boy.