Despite such weather conditions, the population of the capital in December 2018 amounted to more than 1 million inhabitants, and this number is growing to this day. The Ministry of Emergency Situations necessarily reports abrupt weather changes by sending SMS to a mobile phone.

We will tell you how to prepare for the winter in Nur Sultan (regardless of gender and age) according to the experience of local residents.

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Okay, that was a joke.

Stock up on vitamins and minerals.

Of course, it is impossible to get sick from the cold, but it is important to remember that low immunity is susceptible to any external factors. Nur-Sultans begin to drink a complex of vitamins and minerals in early autumn, and citrus, ginger and mulled wine are considered the best friends in cold weather. The latter is available in any cafe and bar, it can also be prepared at home.

Dress as warm as possible

In Nur Sultan, you can rarely meet fashion victims, you know, at a temperature of -40 degrees Celsius, not up to fashion. Unless you have your own car. The most important attributes of equipment for the winter period:

1. The best headdress - earflaps. They reliably protect your head from wind and frost. Some dare to wear balaclava;

2. Outerwear, that is, jackets, fur coats, sheepskin coats, should be made of natural materials, or of high-quality artificial heat-resistant materials. Often on the streets you can meet people in ... ski suits. But it's warm!

3. Thermal or tights;

4. Mittens or gloves.

As you can see, nothing special, but all these things should be warmer than those that you wear in the usual winter.

If you are a car driver, be sure to change your car tires.

So, we warned you from the cold. Now we can speak about the pluses of winter in Nur Sultan.

As for any country emerging from the Soviet Union, the New Year for Kazakhstan remains a magical and enchanting holiday, marking great hopes and expectations. Everywhere you can find images of Ded Moroz or Ayaz-Ata (Santa Claus), Snegurocka (Snow Maiden), Snegovik (Snowman), snowflakes, smell olivier, vinaigrette and tangerines. You are sure to be invited to parties, corporate parties, and your children to children's morning performances.

Ice towns and snow parks are being built at large shopping centers, on the Esil River embankment and in front of the City Hall. You can enjoy various fabulous and cartoon characters from ice. This is a great opportunity to ride on skates and slide off a snow slide, and for free. There are also dog sledding and snowmobiling services on the waterfront.

Well, and finally, why do locals like winter in Nur Sultan? For the lack of mosquitoes,