The ornaments is national symbolic of Kazakh people and by looking and studying their origins you can see how Kazakhstan developed. Art lovers would definitely find something interesting and mysterious how Kazakh people illustrated astrology, animals and geometrical figures inside their ornaments.

There are some important ornaments in the Kazakh culture that symbolizes different wishes and amulets for a person, who is wearing them. For example, an ornament of a camel foot is used for a distant journey, with an ornament symbolizing a bird’s wings Kazakh people wishing happiness and an independence for person, tumarsha ornament looks like an amulet that should protect a person or house from evil eye, and it is usually put on the everyday stuff.

The colors’ of the ornaments are also playing the important part of their meaning. Usually, Kazakh people use bright colors for a cheerful mood and prosperity; the meanings of pale colors are the depression and anxiety. White colors are usually dominated in the ornaments meaning truth and happiness.

Ornaments usually put on furniture, decorative pillows, carpets and clothes, which are wearing at the Kazakhstan’s national celebrations, like “Nauryz”. In ancient times, ornaments were also on the houses calling “yurta”. Wearing a clothes with ornaments at ancient times also presented person’s social status – generously or modesty, was the person wealthy or not, characterized person by his age and from where he was, but most importantly from what kind of tribe, which helped to build a relationship with each other.