One of the good shopping mall with a low price and high-quality clothes is Khan–Shatyr. There are five floors inside of the SEC (shopping and entertainment center) with various shops to buy clothes with nice prices. The feature of this shopping center is its architectural appearance and central location. In the evening, in neon lights, the image of the tent from afar is visible through the arch of a huge building.

However, if you still want more cheaper clothes or products than it’s better to go to bazar. In Almaty in the center of the city located the bazar. Some of the citizens think that there is everything of what you want. Vegetables with fruits, fish with meat, bread with marinades, flowers with stationery, and souvenirs with clothes. ATMs can be found on the upper side of the bazaar from Zhibek Zholy Avenue. There is also paid parking around the bazaar and there is an underground 2-level. To leave your car there, you will need to then pay approximately 100 tenge for each hour. The only minus of the bazar is that some of the sellers are trying to weigh or shove the unwelcome. Fortunately, there are few of them. How locals are saying on Saturday morning, prices for fruits and vegetables are usually higher than on Sunday evening. This is understandable, because Monday is a workday for most of the people.

Artem Bazar

Another place, where you can buy cheap products and clothes, is Artem Bazar. Here you will find everything you need. On the ground floor, vegetables and fruits, a thousand little things, meat products, fish product, dairy products, dried fruits and gadgets are sold. On the second floor you can find cosmetics and utensils. On the third is gold, dishes and shoes. On the fourth and fifth floor, clothes and toys. The assortment of goods is very large. Here you can bargain, and dress up to your taste. On the sixth floor there is a cafe, furniture store, manicure tables and a hairdresser. Some minuses is that there is a lot of people inside and sometimes sellers could put some bad–quality products inside of your bag, so be aware of what you buy.

If you came to Almaty on a business trip and your hotel is located in the area of the city center, and you absolutely need to bring souvenirs from Kazakhstan, then you can’t find a better place than the 3rd floor of the Central Department Store, since the whole third floor is occupied by souvenir shops with an insane assortment, from the ubiquitous magnets to the Empire premium segment. In addition, in the basement there is a supermarket of the economy segment (entrance from the Arbat side). And if you need to purchase a SIM card or phone, then on the ground floor there is a gadget store. However, you may notice that some of the boutiques could be empty. This happened because of the rearrangement of the mall, but I highly recommend not using the toilet inside; better to go to the café near the mall.

Arbat Almaty

Anyway, the cheap food and clothes you can find everywhere in Kazakhstan because it is cheaper than in the most parts of the world. Don't be worry about buying cheapest food and don't spend all your time here on that. Otherwise, you can miss all the fun and many interesting places in this country. You always will have time to buy souvenirs, so relax and welcome to Kazakhstan.