Kids under 1 year

Naturally, the baby, say, for 6 months still does not really realize what kind of holiday he is celebrating, and for what purpose. However, a cheerful atmosphere and general kindness will well please him. At this age, thematic symbolism is not so important, because any gift will please the child.

As a gift, you can choose a developing rug, bought in a store or made with your own hands. If the child is older than 6 months, toys or a lego constructor are quite suitable for him. The child will really like hanging swings or jumpers, they will train the vestibular apparatus and simply delight the baby. Another idea is to give a chair for babies. The kid will soon have to try adult food, and for this he should have his own convenient place, in addition, such a gadget will make life easier for mom, since by putting the baby in the high chair, you can safely have tea or do some household chores.

Gift for baby from 1 to 3 years old

At this age, a child forms cognitive abilities, so it is worth giving useful gifts that develop memory, imagination, logic and verbal skills. For example, a paid course at the development center (usually 3 months), children's carpets, puzzles, interactive books and toys. And as entertaining gifts you can give a tent or teepee - this is a wonderful surprise that will give the child a sense of freedom and personal space, and parents will extend the long-awaited minutes of peace and quiet.

Each of us tried to build our own shelter in childhood with the help of chairs, bedspreads and pillows, which, after dark, at the convincing request of our parents, had to be dismantled with tears in our eyes. You can also give the kid’s parents a certificate in the children's toy store, take him to the theater or for a cartoon film session, or order a photo shoot so that the family has wonderful memories of the sweet age of the kid.

3-5 years old

What can be said about this age? Time to discover and transform, time to research and explore. The child is becoming smarter, more inquisitive, actively builds relationships with the outside world, interacts with peers, takes a role in the family and society. Of course, he is still a little fidget, but with his own character, goals and desires. The choice of gifts for 3-5 years is huge, it can include kinetic sand, kaleidoscopes, Cinemood products and other entertaining and developing gifts.

A great gift that will make the walks of both boys and girls fascinating, and also allow them to become stronger, can be a two-wheeled bicycle or scooter, rollers or skates, skis. In some cases, children may be interested in other sports equipment - pins and baby clubs, balls.

Of course, the child wants to play and have fun, but the school is just around the corner. Therefore, we propose to gently and unobtrusively prepare the child for the basics of reading and writing will help such a set.

6-10 years old

At this age, psychologists advise communicating with children on equal terms, as with peers. When giving a gift, it is important to consider the tastes and interests of the young individual. Therefore, it is easiest to directly ask the child what he wants. But if the child is shy, or if you want to make a surprise, read on.

A great gift would be a board game that can be played by the company. This will allow the child to have fun with his friends.

If a child is interested in technology, then he will be interested in gadgets: a drone, radio-controlled cars, robotics, wireless speakers, smart watches.

Often, boys and girls at this age are interested in sports. Make a choice in favor of a skateboard, scooter, or sneakers from the collaboration of world brands with famous musicians - you will not lose.

If by this age the child is addicted to reading, then books will be a wonderful gift: science fiction, world classics, encyclopedias.

11-14 years old

It is already much more difficult with them, they are no longer children (but not yet adults) and they supposedly have everything. They can celebrate not at home, but in the company of their friends. The puberty period is coming, and the teenager needs to be helped to feel more confident in the intellectual and physical plan. The latter involves a line of decorative cosmetics and skin care cosmetics, high-quality things with the symbols of geek culture.

A ticket to the Baldauren camp or Medeo will also be a good gift, and along with the ticket you can give alpine skiing or a snowboard. Even adults are happy to ride them. Well, the simplest option is when the child himself voiced what he wants.