Kazakhstan residents want to return the former majestic status to the largest city in the country of Almaty - one of the greenest cities in Eurasia, in which it is easy to breathe and the mountains are not visible as dark outlines, but as clear relief lines.

The only reasonable alternative to landfills and factories today is the international concept of the three R “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. In the minds of many Kazakhstanis, garbage is only the final point of production and causes a desire to quickly remove it from sight. In fact, the contents of our bin are all that was once extracted from nature, processed into useful products, and then discarded as unnecessary. 

Our task is to learn how to return this to the production cycle, thereby conserving the resources of nature. Not only our savings but also the survival of humanity as a species depends on the ability to sort garbage and send it for recycling. Therefore, to begin with, let's figure out where we can and should recycle our waste in Almaty. 

Where to recycle paper waste?

1. Kazakhstan Waste Recycling

It is a company that accepts all types of paper and cardboard for subsequent processing into corrugated cardboard. The company's reception centres are open in 18 cities of Kazakhstan and operate from 10.00 to 17.30 on weekdays and from 10.00 to 15.30 on Saturday.

According to the company, every year they manage to collect and process more than 50 thousand tons of paper, thereby preventing the cutting of 900 healthy trees. However, only 0.6% of this paper comes from individuals.

Addresses and contacts:

1. Aksay-3a microdistrict , st. Tole Bi (between Momyshuly St. and Yassaui St.), +7 701 721 55 72

2.  11 microdistrict, st. Chaliapin, +7 771 993 86 92

3. 4 microdistrict, 22 (near the cinema "Sary-Arka"), +7 701 721 55 31

4. Crossing of st. Tole bi and st. Bayzakova (near the Strela store), +7 701 721 55 41

5. Crossing of st. Zholdasbekov and st. Mendikulova, +7 701 721 55 30

6. st. Timiryazev, 81, +7 701 721 55 73

7. st. Voroshilova, 15a, +7 727 245 81 33, +7 727 245 81 54

2. "Karina TRADING" 

It is a company that manufactures products for sanitary purposes. The reception point is located on the street. Kazybaev 264a.


Where to recycle electronic waste (batteries, accumulators, wires, telephones, etc.)?


1. The Technodom company

Technodom installed 131 ecoboxes throughout Kazakhstan. Most of them are located in Almaty. Representatives of the company note that the country's residents are not very willing to hand in recyclables. Usually, for people to bring their used or non-working electronic waste for recycling, they need an additional incentive in the form of an incentive campaign or support from the authorities.


1. KBTU, st. Tole Bi, 59

2. Gymnasium No. 15, st. Gogol, 133

3. st. Kazybek bi, 41, RENCO-KAT LLP, +7 777 228 2852

4. Asiapark shopping and entertainment center 

5. MEGA Alma-Ata SEC, st. Rozybakiev 247a

6. MEGA Park SEC, st. Makataev, 127

7. Armada Shopping center, st. Kabdolov, 1

8. st. Satpayev, 16-18-18a, Turan University

9. st. Gogol, 133, gymnasium No. 15

10. Abay Ave., 2, KIMEP University

11. st. Valikhanov, 170

12. Promenade shopping center , 44/a Abay Ave.

13. microdistrict Ainabulak, 98b

14. st. Kurmangazy, 178a

2. Setek Technology

The company installed an eco-box for the collection of electronic waste (mainly batteries) in its head office. As accumulation of recyclables is sent to the company "PromTehnoResourses", which works with legal entities for recycling.

Address: st. Ryskulbekov 28/2, +7 727 250 35 15, +7 705 626 31 33.


Where to recycle plastic and polyethylene?

Scientists and environmentalists have long sounded the alarm about the dangers of plastic products for all ecosystems surrounding humans. Plastic, which decomposes at numerous landfills in the world, produces methane, which has a strong impact on global warming. Each of us can contribute to reducing the amount of plastic waste, and therefore reducing the negative consequences.

1. Kagazy Recycling (accepting plastic bottles and polyethylene) - see addresses above

2. “Eco Million”, 28 Altynsarin Ave., +7 (707) 858 25 05

3. “Polymertara” (plastic and polyethylene intake), +7 (701) 718 66 63, Aigerim microdistrict, ul. Benberin, 16

4. “Sobi” (taking polyethylene), + 7 (727) 270 18 07, +7 (727) 321 85 04, st. Sokpakbaev 70


Where to recycle textiles and clothing?


The Swedish network decided to contribute to the protection of the environment by starting an action to receive old clothes. Any store of the brand will accept clothes of any condition, and it does not matter who the manufacturer is. In the future, garments are sorted and divided according to 4 purposes: processing, second-hand delivery, cleaning materials, cleaning generation. At the same time, the one who handed over the old things becomes the holder of a 15% or 20% discount voucher for the next purchase in the brand’s stores.


"H&M" in the MEGA Alma-Ata shopping center, (247 Rozybakiev St.)

"H&M" in the MEGA Park shopping center, (127 Makatayev St.)


Where to recycle office equipment?

Office equipment includes technical means that facilitate the work with documentation. That is, computers, printers, shredders, copiers and all that. 4 companies are engaged in the recycling office equipment in Almaty:

1. Technic Destroy, Almaty region, Karasai district, territory of the Terminal LLP +7 (727) 329 27 95, +7 (777) 225 17 04

2. ECODOM.kz, +7 (727) 317 44 53, +7 771 408 2322

3. “PromTehnoResursKZ”, 284 Seifullin Ave., +7 (727) 328 55 77, +7 (701) 717 40 22

4. "Kyzyl Bel", st. Auezova, 3, +7 (727) 266 49 01, +7 (727) 266 49 02

When shopping, focus on the contents, not on the packaging of the goods. Estimate how much garbage you bring home daily from the store. And answer the question: why? Give preference to the product whose packaging is being recycled. For example, a wrapper made from butter or margarine is not processed, so it is better to make butter by weight. Cereals are also usually cheaper by weight, and you do not have to overpay for useless packaging, the endpoint of which is a landfill. Sorting waste is great. But it’s much better not to produce them.