For the lovers of the exotic cuisine the restaurant “Tandoor” welcomes you to come inside. The restaurant presents you with a calm interior, the aroma of incense and soothing music ... but we are here for food. The menu selection is pretty decent. You can come up with different sets and dishes with various choices of sauces for them. The staff is nice and will warn you about the spicy of their meals. The restaurant also will please you with range of teas in different choices like black, green, Indian, Chinese or herbal. They also offer their clients big portions with cheap prices in compare with other restaurants in Almaty. The only minus of the restaurant is better for you to eat before evening time (more precisely before 9 pm) because of the expats from India that came to the restaurant at that time. 


Another restaurant, where you can eat Indian food is “Bollywood”. The restaurant has a pleasant interior and polite and attentive staff who will tell you about their dishes. Bollywood restaurant has a lot of space for guests and a big menu, where is not only Indian, but also Chinese and Thai cuisines are offered to clients. If you love really spicy food than this place is for you, but if in a previous restaurant were a lot of people than in Bollywood there is not much. The sizes of the meals are big enough and have corresponding prices. The chefs of the restaurant are from India, so the cuisine is worth to try.


Opened in late September 2018, Rasoi Restaurant serves incredibly delicious authentic Indian cuisine. Their dishes use the freshest ingredients and spices imported from India. The chef and kitchen staff has extensive experience in five-star hotels in India and Dubai. Rasoi restaurant have a great location in downtown, from where you can go anywhere to see the city. The restaurant can also offer you a spacious banquet hall for your parties and celebrations. The capacity of the hall is more than 100 people at very competitive prices, with or without catering. The restaurant also provides delivery and take–away meals. 

Rasoi Restaurant

One of the restaurants that opened recently is “MAHARAJA”. MAHARAJA Restaurant will surprise you with unusual tastes of Indian and Indo-Chinese cuisine. The chef of the restaurant with many years of experience from India - Mr. Lakshmi will prepare the most delicious dishes for you. MAHARAJA is pleased to welcome you every day, seven days a week from 10 am to 11 pm. The restaurant also provides a business lunch with a big choice in a buffet from 12 pm to 3 pm for only 1,500 tenge (approximately 4 dollars). If you still would like to have a lunch by a menu during lunchtime, there will be a 20% discount from the restaurant especially for you. You will also be pleased with the cozy atmosphere and friendly service of the restaurant. Come and bring your friends.

Thali Restaurant

“Thali” restaurant is a little bit experimental with an Indian cuisine and the taste of the dishes. Thali is reinterpreted traditional dishes adapted to the tastes and rhythm of cosmopolitan life. This is a riot of colors, new sensations and the real experience that you need to live, feel. This is not only a mood-setting food, but also spicy cocktails that blend perfectly with all the dishes presented and even carry a healing function. If you want to try something new than you should come here, but be ready that some of the meals will be an amateur.