This is the initial effect of acquaintance with the cuisine of India, although it would seem that the basic foods there are simple, familiar to us. However, the use of various, sometimes exotic spices give Indian dishes a unique refined taste and aroma. In ancient times, as you know, Indian spices in Europe were sold at the price of gold. And it was for their sake that Christopher Columbus set off to seek a new path to India.

Today, The India Gate is the only Indian restaurant in Nur-Sultan. Probably, one of the reasons is a small population and exotic spicy food which the local population is not used to. 

The India Gate

Address: 19/1 Gabdullin St.

Average bill: 3000-5000 kzt


This is a restaurant of Indian cuisine, which will please you with "chicken teak masala", "chicken kari masala", ten kinds of Indian bread "naan", a "biryani" dish of rice and spices ,  "vindalu" lamb, national Indian masala tea. 

The design of the restaurant is beautiful and atmospheric. Paintings featuring Hindu teachings and traditional art adorn the walls of the restaurant and dim lighting gives mystery and relaxation.

The entire menu of the restaurant is Indian cuisine, but they also have two or three dishes from Chinese and Thai cuisine. For example, fried rice and spicy chicken. 

The owner of the restaurant Nandha Kumar tried to transfer a small particle of his homeland and treat the guests of the capital with delicious traditional Indian food. As Indian cuisine can be properly cooked only by Indians, restaurant team has three Indian cooks, and all the spices are also brought from India.

Live music is played on Fridays and Saturdays, and an entertainment program awaits children on Sundays.

Restaurant team plans to expand their business and open a kind of fast food kiosk on the left bank of the city.

Despite the fact that there is only one specialized restaurant in the city, there are some other places offer Indian cuisine.

The India Gate


Address: 7 Kabanbay Batyr St.

Average bill: 7000 kzt


The Shoreditch Burger & Wok is named in honor of the famous bohemian district of London, famous for its creative people. The London Shoreditch has melted down many of the cultural features of the people who inhabit it; here artists and musicians found refuge. The menu has wide range of different cuisines including the Indian one. In general, if you have not yet decided where to go this weekend, we suggest you evaluate the cuisine of the restaurant to the sounds of live music. 


Koktem (Kaz. Spring)

Address: 12/1 Kunayev St.

Average bill: 3000 kzt


A lovely cafe with a simple and bright interior will not leave you indifferent. The cuisine is international, so you can find European, Indian and Thai dishes. Indian cuisine has a whole sector on the menu and also vegetarians will be satisfied.

City cafe has a small flower shop where you can buy small, beautifully assembled bouquets at an affordable price. 

The very philosophy of the cafe is to make a person happy for little money and with a rather unusual presentation. 

Koktem [source:]

When you look for these smells, tastes, sensations, and in vain try to repeat what the Indian cooks astoundingly can do, you should visit one of these places. Of course, all of the above is just a small part of the diversity of India. But having tasted it once, you will definitely fall in love with unusual food, and with an amazing country, which for some reason you want to visit again and again.