OMC nail art.

This salon is located in Almaty and very popular. Expect for manicure in the salon they also teach to the nail art and make many different courses. People who are not afraid of experiment and like bright manicure options go to this OMC nail art.

Adress: Nazarbayeva 118 Street
Instagram: @anmaisama

Cosmo Studio

Cosmo studio is located in Karaganda. In the salon they also do eyelash extensions and conduct manicure training courses.

Adress: Bukhar-Zhyrau 92/2
Instagram: @cosma.create

Trabrina nails studio.

The studio is located in Atyrau. In the salon masters do manicure, pedicure and depilation.

Adress: Zharbosynova, 84/2
Instagram: @tarabrina_nails_studio


She is an incredible nail artist from Nur-Sultan that can embody any drawing on your nails.

Adress: Beibitshilik 40/1
Instagram: @nails_ast_karina

De Ville Studio

It is another great nail salon that is located in Almaty. There are many professional masters in the salon who make many different designs.

Adress: Buhar-Zhyrau 10
Instagram: @deville_nails

The Nail Kitchen.

Beauty salons located in the Capital of Kazakhstan. There are 5 beauty salons: The Nail Kitchen Marakesh, The Nail Kitchen Jaipur, The Nail Kitchen Paris, The Nail Kitchen London and Qyz Jibek. They have brows, eyelashes treatments, shugaring, make up, different courses and off course manicure and pedicure.

Instagram and addresses:

@the_nail_kitchen_london (Kabanbay Batyra 18, Avenue)

@the_nail_kitchen_marrakesh (Highvill Block G)

@the_nail_kitchen_jaipur (Almaty 11, Street)

@the_nail_kitchen_paris (Zheltoksan 14, Steet)

The nail studio is located in Nur-Sultan’s left bank. The prices in there are pretty exactable and service is good.


Address: Kenesary 44, Street.


The nail salon network has three salons around Nur-Sultan which is very convenient. They have a lot of experienced masters and the booking website is very easy.

Instagram: @chicnails.astana


Saryarka 17/44, Avenue;

Mangilik El 29/2, Avenue;

Mailina 19/508, Street.


At the moment, Star Nails owns four nail studios providing nail services, as well as selling cosmetics for home use, a training center providing professional training services, workshops, trainings, seminars and a wholesale department for OPI products for beauty salons. Beside nails treatments they offer sugaring, lash extensions, Botox of lashes. The salons are located in Almaty.


Zheltoksan, 129;

Kunaev, 98;

Samal-2, 53;

109A Abay Ave.

Instagram: @starnails_kz


This nail studio is located in Nur-Sultan. Masters can make nail extensions, manicure and pedicure.

Address: Auyezova 38, Street.

Instagram: @tiara_nails_astana