Central Park
Location: Medeu district of Almaty, Gogol street, 1.
Gogol Street is a one-way road now, so if you move with the general stream, without turning anywhere until the end, you will find yourself at the main entrance of Central Park. This park is usually called Gorky Park. Central Park combines all the possible entertainment for a perfect day: various rides and attractions, both for children and adults. Here you’ll find summer and winter aquaparks, sports fields, a small lake where you can swim by a catamaran and a boat, and even the mysterious dino park. Tired of noisy events and wild rides? You can just walk along the neat alleys and enjoy the lush flower beds. The entrance to the park is free, but you will have to pay for the rides.  

Dinopark - free for children under 3 years old, starts working from 11:00. 

A beautiful view of the whole city opens up from the observation wheel, the ticket price for which is 1,5$. You can ride a boat or a catamaran, enjoying the surrounding landscape for 10$. Besides, in the territory of Gorky Park, you’ll find the Zoo. The ticket price for adults is 2$.

Park of the first President
Location: Bostandyk district, 1/2 Dulati avenue
A relatively new park in the city gained considerable popularity among locals and tourists. This park is located in the upper part of the city of Almaty. From some places it will take an hour to get there, or even more, but believe me, it's worth it!

Here you’ll find singing fountains, luxurious flowerbeds and sculptures, and architectural structures. In general, there are plenty of places for fun time. Also, there will be no problems with ideas for photos. And after sunset, you can see the light show included in the program of the largest and most original fountain in the city.

The next park, which is also worth a visit, is the Kok-Tobe culture park. Kok-Tobe Park is a significant place in Almaty. It has become an obligatory item on the list of any tourist who has arrived in the southern capital of Kazakhstan.
The small mountain, whose name translates as “Green Hill”, is located on the southeastern outskirts of Almaty, and Kok-Tobe was built on its territory.
This is one of the most beautiful places from where the panoramic view of Almaty opens up. You can enjoy nature being above the city from the height of the funicular, the length of the cable car is 1620.3 meters. The observation wheel of the park is considered the highest one. The diameter is 30 meters, from its height you can see the Kapshagai reservoir.

So, the park is located on a height of 1,100 meters and there are several ways to get there.
1. You can buy a ticket for the cable car for $ 2.7. The landing point is located near the cinema «Arman» on Dostyk Ave., 104B.
2. You can get there by bus for $ 1.6. The bus station is located on Omarova street, 41.
3. You can get there by your own car on the Eastern Bypass Road. The cost of entry of a passenger car is $ 8
Kok-Tobe is opened year-round. Also, on Kok-Tobe there are souvenir shops where you can buy various souvenirs - the memory of Kazakhstan. The observation wheel is available, and there are several viewing platforms from which an excellent view of Almaty and the snowy peaks of the Zailiysky Alatau ridge opens up. At the end of a walk along Kok-Tobe, you can go to the fountain-monument "Alma" which form is an apple, a symbol of the city of Almaty. Throw a coin into it and make a wish!

Fantasy park
This park raises two thoughts at the same time: “So scary!” and “I want to try it!”
Ayia Park, Fantasy, Fantasy World - all of these are the names of this park. Previously, the territory of this park was divided. One part was occupied by the “Erke park” with attractions for younger children, and the other by “Ayia park” for older children and adults. Later, the two parks were united.
Today there are more than 40 attractions for children and adults in Fantasy Park. What is special about this park is that you pay once for entry, and then you can ride all the attractions as many times as you like. The ticket cost $ 9.

The park has entertainment for every taste, but before visiting be sure to read the rules: there are some restrictions on age and height that each attraction has. The duration of one session is about 2-3 minutes. There is a 15-min break on every attraction.
What are some basic rules for this park? Skateboards, bicycles, and scooters are not allowed in the park. Also, you can not come to the park with the animals. But you can bring food with you, but remember that you’re not allowed to eat it in cafes and restaurants in the park. Despite the huge area, the park always maintains cleanliness and order. Here you can simply walk along the main avenue with street stalls and fresh bars, relax at the fountains that are illuminated in the dark, or sit on a bench, admiring the greenery and sculptures. A free toilet is located at the top of the park.
If you want to feel extreme, you like outdoor activities and butterflies in your stomach, then Fantasy World Park is what you need!

Botanical Garden
This is a place with luxurious flower beds and exotic plants is the Botanical Garden.
The main landmarks when you want to find out how to get to the Garden are Kazakh Al-Farabi University and Atakent. The entrance to the Botanical Garden is exactly between these two places, you can enter from Timiryazev Street.

Large spaces and green meadows of the Botanical Garden are great for picnics, hiking, and photoshoots. If you come here, you probably will see a squirrel! On weekdays, the tropical greenhouse is opened to visitors. Here is a collection of exotic plants and plant relics from around the world. There is also a small but very beautiful garden in the Japanese style.

The entrance fee is $ 1. If you want to visit the demo version of the tropical jungle, visit this place. Yes, the demo version, but you don’t have to fly on a plane, just got on the bus, right along Timiryazev street and you’re already there. And be sure that some wild animals won’t eat you and the Tsz fly won’t bite you. If you want to take a picture with a professional camera, you need to pay extra, but you can take pictures on the phone for free.

Park of 28 Panfilov Guardsmen
People sometimes call it “two and eight” park. Here you won’t find rides. attractions, and fountains. It is the place where people bring flowers in memory of the defenders of the Motherland, every year, on May 9.

The park has its own, special atmosphere, which many people come to enjoy every day. Children run around and feed pigeons already used to people, young people visit memorials and look at monuments, artists often find here inspiration when they see something like the beautiful Ascension Cathedral.There is the famous museum of folk musical instruments, which is made of wood, as well as the Ascension Cathedral.

If you’re tired of everyday walking among the stone jungle of buildings and offices, then Almaty parks will be like an oasis in the desert for you. An evening walk along the picturesque alleys of the nearest park will recharge you and fill your body with vital energy for sure.