Kazakhstan is a big country, which is on the ninth place by the size of the territory in the whole world. However, not a lot of people know much about that country and you may wonder is there actually any expat with whom you wouldn't feel lonely. You may become surprised to know that in the country there are 125 different nations that live together in Kazakhstan. 

Of course most of the foreigners come here for a short time to make a deal or to scope an opportunity and than fly back to the home country. However some of people in the capital city, Nur–Sultan, a lot of people are live here because of the unique culture of the country or the new family that they found here. Kazakhstan has a mix of Asian, Russian, and Western culture in one, which bewitching some people. 

There are a lot of places to visit while you here. A lot of restaurants are available in Nur–Sultan, where staff can speak in English. Some of the restaurants are Restaurant "Astau", Restaurant "Astana Nury", Restaurant Zoloto, Rooftop Restaurant and more. All of these restaurants have traditional Kazakh food and other cuisines too. The prices of the restaurants vary from 1,500 to 30,000 tenge for each person. Some of them have beautiful view from the windows of the restaurants, like from the Rooftop restaurant. 

Kazakhstan also has some places to relax and chill. One of them:

  • Relaxation area – "Balkaragay"

Recreation area "Balkaragay" will help you to get out of the city bustle into the beautiful world of pure nature. Horseback riding, a fishing pond, paintball, a bath complex and, of course, a swimming pool will make your stay unforgettable. Accommodation is in cozy cottages in an ecologically clean area.

[source: balqaragai.com]


  •  Astana Resort

Astana Resort is a luxury resort complex. On the territory of the complex there are cottages from two-level log cabins. Each has a sauna, a restaurant, a summer banquet room, gazebos, trestle beds, a terrace, an adult and children's heated pool, a playground, a large pool bar. Fresh air and bright sunshine, the smell of steppe grasses and summer weather will turn your vacation into an unforgettable trip.

[source: restolife.kz]

One of the best places to find expats it in the shopping and entertainment center “Mega Silk Way”. A lot of expats are working, living and having fun near that SEC. Mega Silk Way have a lot of things to do for foreigners, like “Kangaroo”, where you can train yourself with some tricks on the trampolines or to try some rock climbing. You also are allowed to see movies in English in the SEC’s cinema park “Chaplin”. In the Mega Silk Way you will find more other entertainments to do except of movies or “Kangaroo”. 

The biggest mistake that expats make in Kazakhstan is to separate themselves from the locals. Kazakhs are proud people with a rich history. As a result, Kazakhs do not harbor resentment or suspicion of people from the West. They, the vast majority of the time, are glad to meet you and are glad to have the opportunity to test their skills in any number of Western languages. Often, Kazakhs — especially young people — are the one, who simply want to say hello and chat with you, so they can stop you on the street.