National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan 

The National Museum of Kazakhstan is the youngest and largest among similar objects located in Central Asia. The complex is located in the capital of the Republic – the Nur – Sultan city. The construction attracts attention with its unusual appearance. The National Museum in the capital is equipped with modern multimedia equipment that allows visual presentation of exhibits on the standards of high exhibition technologies. These are holograms and a media floor with 800 monitors, a unique curved screen with changing special effects, backlighting using led lamps and miniature spotlights. The museum has 8 halls with various topics such as the hall of ancient and medieval history, the hall of history, the hall of ethnography, the hall of independent Kazakhstan, the hall of Nur – Sultan, two halls of gold, the hall of modern art and the exhibition hall.

The National Museum in Nur – Sultan can be visited daily from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, except Mondays. A sanitary day is held once a month - on the last Tuesday of the calendar. The price of the tickets are 700tenge for adults, 500tenge for students of universities and 300tenge for students from schools and/or seniors. When ordering excursions in groups of up to 25 people, an extra charge for each participant is provided – 200tenge on international language and 100tenge on Kazakh and Russian.

Address: Nur-Sultan, 54 Tauelsyzdyk Avenue


Museum of the first president of the Republic of Kazakhstan 

One of the most remarkable and interesting museums in the Kazakhstan capital city is the museum of the first president of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The building is a mixture of Soviet monumental and Muslim styles. The museum exposition is not only about one person, as the name may seem, but also about the formation of the country by the Republic and the role of the head of Kazakhstan Nazarbayev in this difficult process. Among the exhibits are: originals of archival state documents, scientific works of politicians of Kazakhstan, the first editions of books with autographs. In total, the museum’s collection contains more than 40 thousand different exhibits, both historical and cultural. The museum is also an exhibition space for temporary expositions (thematic photo exhibitions and exhibitions of paintings), a place for conferences, scientific forums, seminars and master classes.

Museum of President Nursultan Nazarbayev is open daily, except Monday, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Entrance to the museum is free for all groups of citizens. For an individual visit, a record is not required; group visits should be notified by telephone at least one day before the date of the visit to the museum. Booked tours are conducted in Kazakh, Russian and English at 10.30am; 12.00pm; 2.30pm; 4.00pm.

Address: Nur-Sultan, Beibitshilik St., 11


Palace of Peace and Accord

Like most other attractions of Astana, the Palace of Peace and Concord appeared in 2006. The monumental pyramid-shaped structure rises above the presidential park and symbolizes religious tolerance and the unity of cultures of all Kazakhstan. The interior of the first floors used mainly black finishing materials, which makes it slightly gloomy, natural light hardly reaches here. The upper rooms, on the contrary, are very bright, due to the white cladding and the presence of sunlight. Exhibition rooms have copies of works of art, organized temporary exhibitions and creative meetings, which are attended by artists of the republic and other states. 

Excursions are held daily from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Ticket price for adults - 600 tenge and for children - 400 tenge.

Address: Nur-Sultan, ave. Tauelsizdick 57


Museum of Folk Music Instruments named after Yihlasa 

This attractive little museum housed in a wooden building from the turn of the 20th century, which used to be an officer club, displays examples of traditional national musical instruments that contain some string, percussion and wind instruments. There is also a section of folk instruments from around the world. This museum of national musical instruments is definitely worth a stay during your visit to Almaty. The exhibits are well decorated and labeled in English (as well as in local languages). The staff will play an interesting soundtrack to illustrate the sound of many of the instruments on display. This is an exhibition for those interested in ethnic / folk music. Today, there are more than 1000 items of instruments in collection of the museum, which are divided on 60 types of Kazakh national musical instruments.

The museum is working from Tuesday to Sunday at 10:00 am – 6:00 pm. The price of the ticket is 350 tenge for any person.

Address: Zenkov St., 24, Almaty 0001, Kazakhstan


The Museum of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan 

The main objective of the museum is the collection, preservation and presentation of works of world art. Of the 14 rooms of the museum, 11 have permanent exhibits: modern sculpture of Kazakhstan, the memorial hall of A. Kasteev, Kazakh folk applied art, visual art of Kazakhstan, Russian art, Western European art, art of the Soviet period, art of the East. Three other halls are presented for temporary exhibitions. An important aspect of the museum’s work is applied and fundamental scientific research, theories of art history, museology and methods of preserving and preserving works of art. 

You can visit museum at everyday except Monday from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm. The price of the ticket for adults - 500 tenge, for pupils and students of art educational institutions - 200 tenge, for pensioners, students - 300 tenge.

Address: Mkr.Koktem-3 22/1, Almaty 050040, Kazakhstan