Burabay resort    

Burabay winter wonderland would be an ideal option for skiing enthusiasts and even for non-skiers. Firstly, take a glance at its naming history and natural background. Burabay resort is suited in the northern Kazakhstan and around 3-hour drive from Astana. The Kazakh word “Burabay” is an official title of the area, and it associates with some truly mysterious legends. The name illustrates a place full of camels living around. It also had named as “Borovoe” in Russian which stands for “pine forest”. 

Burabay National Park has unique stunning landscapes with mountains, cliffs, lakes, forests and rocks. Ancient rock formations attracts everyone who had once glanced at them and even inspires with their original folk legends. The most remarkable rock spots are Zhumbaktas (Unresolved Riddles) and Okzhetpes (Unreachable to Arrows). In winter, you’ll get unforgettable magnificent view to the lake and mountains; and peculiar cultural travelling of Kazakh folklore. It has a number of outdoor leisure activities for its visitors. You can snowshoe, ice skate, try horse riding, climb hills, go snowmobiling and winter fishing. You’ll reach the highest point of North Kazakhstan on hiking and see the entire region. The well-equipped resort also offers ski jumping in Shchuchinsk. If you are seeking any relaxation treatments for stress relief, you may find yourself in Rixos Spa Center, or in climalological health centers drinking some cumus (mare milk). 


Korgalzhyn Reserve

    Another exploratory must-visit destination is Korgalzhyn Nature Reserve. It is suited 100 kilometers away from Nur-Sultan. It teems with wide range of birds and species including pink flamingos. Ideal for anyone who wants discovery of wildlife near two major lakes “Tengiz” and “Korgalzhyn”, and experience wetland nature. Head to the area to enjoy everything from museum excursion to birdwatching. To approach natural districts, you may need Zapovedik permission from the office for the purpose of environment protection. Staying in home guesthouse, you will make yourself at home with cozy accommodation and Kazakh hostile atmosphere to be shared. When you’re ready to view the wildlife, specific tour guides are arranged for your full exploration.  

[source: astanatimes.com]

Other Entertainment Centers 

    Non-skiers who want indoor ice skating activities, Alau Ice Palace (Alau Muzaidyny Saraiy) is the perfect match for your interests. Visitors can easily access the arena by car or by bus, or even walking around the city. Alau sports center has frequently organized international speed skating competitions; it has well-developed facilities for ice skating lovers. Thanks to its convenient centralized location, you’ll be able to enjoy doing some shopping in one of metropolitan shopping malls- Mega and having some exciting tours in Expo Exhibition Center. The city, Nur-Sultan, hosted EXPO-2017 International Specialized Exhibitions in relation to development/exploitation of new energy. You can visit Nur-Alem exhibition museum except Monday for the sake of maintenance service. If you don’t feel like indulging in art exhibitions to learn something about EXPO, why not joining in spectator groups of Hockey match. Barys Arena is just few steps from Alau Ice Palace. Barys holds several worldwide ice hockey competitions where you may find yourself cheering for your chosen team. If you spend your winter time in Nur-Sultan, you will be more likely engaged with outdoor and indoor activities. I suppose you’d fall in love with the city and its hostile people.    

Khan Shatyr Entertainment Centre
Mega Silk Way [source: mega.kz]