The city of Kokshetau is located on the Kokshetau Upland, which geologists call the Kokshetau block and it has a poetic name - "Kazakh Switzerland".

The city was founded in 1824 as a village of the Cossack village, and in 1868 it became a county town, which further developed as a center of agricultural and livestock farming, as a resort town. The Borovoye resort with its inimitable beauties is located 70 kilometers from the city. 

If you climb to the top of the hill, which is located in the south-west of the city, you will see an amazing view: in the west the water surface of the lake and the strip of the beach, in the northeast the plain extends, in the south the hills rise.

As you may notice there are many sightseeings that attract visitors to the city and delight locals with its beauty. Hope that you have already taken tickets to this beautiful city and booked a hotel. If you are still thinking where to stay, this article is just for you - we will show you the best hotels and their prices to spend an unforgettable weekend or not ruining a business trip.


Dostyk Hotel

Price range: 12000-45000 kzt

Address: 69 Abay St.

The complex is located in the center of Kokshetau and is in close proximity to many sightseeings such as the City Park, the Central Shopping Complex and Kazakh Drama Theater. It also features a sauna and indoor pool.

The hotel's restaurant serves national and European dishes. Guests can also enjoy room service food, drinks and free breakfast!


Green Which Hotel

Address: 115B Auelbekov St.

Price range: 20000-40000 kzt

No, there is no mistake in the name of the hotel. Greenwich Zero Meridian is the reference point of longitude on our planet. They just added the letter "h" and we get the starting point of all the green and environmentally friendly on Earth, which is "GREEN Which HOTEL".

The construction of the hotel used environmentally friendly materials. Unique furniture and decorative elements were designed specifically for the hotel complex.

At your disposal are 36 rooms, decorated in an exquisite European style, and a spacious comfortable Guest House, where you will receive an unforgettable pleasure from your stay. The advantage of the GREEN Which Hotel Borovoe is its convenient location in 100 meters from Lake Borovoe, close to the Museum of Nature. Also, "GREEN Which Hotel" offers an impeccable level of service in the Lounge Bar, summer house, gazebos with barbecue facilities in the complex, bicycle rental service, a trampoline (inflatable town) and a small playground are provided for entertaining children.

Samruk Halal

Price range: 9000-22000 kzt

Address: 121/1 Abay St.

All rooms at the Samruk Halal Hotel are decorated in a classic style and have carpeted floors. A halal breakfast is served each morning.

The city center is no more than 10 minutes walk and a 20-minute drive to Kokshetau airport from the hotel. 


Ak Zhelken Hotel

Price range: 15000-25000 kzt

Address: 121/1 Abay St.

If you want the guests of the city to remain under the best impression of Kokshetau, then accommodate them in the Ak Zhelken hotel.

For this price you get a chic number. At the same time, the view from the window will be on the Capa River. You will be surprised to wake up in the morning to hear the sound of the surf, this is at least unusual in the city of Kokshetau.

The scenic view of Lake Kopa is a one-of-a-kind huge pond within the city. Here you can fully relax and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the day.

Kokshetau, whose attractions have long been chosen by tourists, is considered one of the most well-groomed cities in Kazakhstan. It organically combines a rich historical heritage and numerous new buildings, which gradually blur the line between the past and the present. Checking into a hotel, walking Kokshetau’s streets, you can discover much more attractions that can not fit on the pages of one book.