One of the advantages of a yurt is the simplicity of its installation. The whole process takes a couple of hours, and the temporary shelter is dismantled even faster. Installation can be divided into several stages.

First you need to install a kerege, it’s practically the walls of the building. Flat wooden slats are fastened together with a rope, wire, twine or other flexible materials, modern options made from a mechanical connection. Kerege determines the size and the capacity of the home. Then, set shanyrak. It is a dome on top of the entire structure. Into its holes uyk inserts - poles, the lower ends of which are tied to the tops of the core.
Since time immemorial, the methods and secrets of installing a yurt, requiring special skill and knowledge, have been passed down from generation to generation.

On a functional basis, the Kazakh yurt in the horizontal plane is divided into seven parts:
1) “tor” – is the place of honor; located in the part of the yurt opposite to the.

2) the place of the owner - a little closer to the entrance, to the left of the place of honor;

3) the kitchen - closer to the door from the place of the owners;

4) a place for young family members - to the right of the place of honor;

5) a place for storing a horse harness - closer to the entrance from the place of young family members, also in the right half of the yurt;

6) the entrance part, the door - the part of the yurt opposite to the place of honor;

7) hearth - in the center of the yurt.

Of course, at present, Kazakhs live in comfortable houses with all conditions, and yurts are used to attract tourists. Here is a list of places where you can rent yurts near to Nur-Sultan.

Rest Area «BalQaragai»

The place is located 20 km from Nur-Sultan. Inside the yurt there are all the attributes of the traditional dwelling of nomads. Capacity - 10 people. Food and drinks are bought only in the recreation area. In BalQaragai you can also, rent summer houses or summer tapchans. In warm times, you can rent bicycles and go for a ride admiring beautiful nature or play paintball. In winter you can rent skis or snowboards, ride a snowmobile or sled.

Price: 1 day - 20 000 tenge

Green Park

Inside there is a traditional Kazakh round table, a comfortable corpus and a samovar. The yurt can accommodate 8-15 people. There are free wi-fi and children playground. The rest area located in Kosshy village. There is a restaurant with European and Oriental cuisine where you can buy food.

Price: 1 hour - 3 000 tenge


Kulager is a rest area that is located in International village near to Nur-Sultan. In addition to yurts, they have cottages and small houses for rent. On Kulager territory you can play paintball, rent ATVs, bicycles, horseback riding.

Price: 1 day - 50 000 tenge; 12 hours - 25 000 tenge.

Zolotoi fazan

Zolotoi Fasan is located in Qoyandy village. The resting area includes a residential complex with comfortable rooms, several types of cottage houses, cozy log cabins on the lake and traditional yurts. On the territory of the recreation center there is a restaurant with European and Oriental cuisines. They have two types of yurts: Khan's Yurt (up to 30 people) and Yurt in wood (up to 120 people).

Price: Khan’s yurt: 1 day – 70 000 tenge; 12 hours – 45 000 tenge; 1 hour – 15 000 tenge.

Yurt in wood: 1 day – 250 000 tenge; 12 hours – 150 000 tenge; 1 hour – 50 000 tenge.