Renting an apartment is one of the biggest expenses for travelers. So if we are talking about budget traveling, our goal is to find the cheapest places to stay, right?

Almaty is an old city with a lot of places to visit and things to do, but the first question is – where to sleep and save money for entertainment? Luckily, it is possible.

Don’t wanna spend money on luxury hotels? Just don’t! There are a lot of places to stay if you’re traveling on a budget and still looking for comfort.

First steps in Almaty – what to do? As soon as you leave the train station or the airport, you’ll be attacked by the noisy crowd of people who lease a daily apartment. Once you slow down for a sec – they will try to make you rent their apartment, they are really confident about it. They are not hostel owners or hotel workers; they just have a couple of flats for daily rent. I wouldn’t recommend you stay in such kind of apartment, because those flats are usually worse than the average hotel room. These are usual city flats. If you want to feel the atmosphere of the old city – try it! Moreover, they are cheaper than hotel rooms – about 19$ per day. You need cash because it’s non-official organizations without any payment system. So this is one of the cheapest ways to find an apartment – near train station or airport. 

What if you want to stay in a specialized place for tourists, but hotels are too expensive for your travel budget? Choose a hostel!

Almaty is full of hostels, and not only foreigners but also natives stay here for a couple of nights. Everyone has their reason. But the atmosphere is very special: you can find other tourists who want to explore Almaty, students who can speak English and a bunch of interesting people. If you choose multi-bedroom, ofc. If you prefer sleeping alone, you’ll have to pay a little bit more. 

Almost every hostel provides some basic needs as bed linen, bath, and wi-fi, but some of them have extra things like organizing tours, barbecue and sun terrace, depends on the money you’re ready to pay for your comfort.

Here are some hostels which are popular among tourists:


Almaty Backpackers Hostel -

Don’t want to waste time on lonely road and tour-research? Choose  Almaty Backpackers Hostel!

What is special about this hostel? Here you can join tours to Kolsai Lakes, Altyn-Emel National Park, Charyn Canyon in Kazakhstan and tours to Kyrgyzstan. Rafting and paragliding services are also available, which is not the usual thing for hostels.  If you will stay in Almaty Backpackers Hostel, then you will spend only 15 minutes to get to the famous Kok-Tobe tower. The bus stop to the Medeo high-mountain skating rink is also nearby.

Twin room – 21$ per day

Bed in an 8-bed room – 7$ per day


Marika’s Hotel -

For 10$ you will be provided with a bed in the 3-person room. 

Here you can get help in several languages, including English ofc. At Marika’s, they will help you to draw up a tour program around the city and beyond, and you can get the info about the most interesting places and events in the city. Marika’s Hotel guarantees a cozy atmosphere and friendly service for you! 

LES Hostel -

Here you can find only individual rooms with single or double beds and orthopedic mattresses. If you’re on budget travel, but you still have some work to do, LES Hostel is a perfect variant for you! You can live here and work using the fast internet and equipped personal office with meeting rooms! Free breakfast and everyday cleaning are included.

A single room is 16$ per day

A double room is 23$ per day


DA Hostel -

It is a small and colorful hostel with a bright and friendly atmosphere. There are only 4 rooms in the hostel – 8-bed Orange Room for everyone, 6-bed Salad Room only for men, 6-bed Lilac Room only for women, 2-bed Suite. Living in Suite is 10$ for one person per day. Bed in Orange, Salad and Lilac rooms will cost you 6$.

Don’t forget to check photos of rooms at their websites!

If you don’t wanna be a neighbor of a noisy crowd in a hostel, you can rent a typical flat from owner for the short-term. These are more expensive than a bed in hostel, but it’s worth it. 

At you can find a place to stay and write directly to the owner. Here are some variants - 

Price: 18-52$ per day.

All necessary information is written in English.


Apartments are almost similar to each other, so the advice is to choose according to the desired location in Almaty. Some of the owners offer transfer from an airport (additional payment).

Warning! This type of apartment doesn’t usually have excellent services like in hostels and hotels: nobody will offer you daily cleaning or breakfast.

Don’t wanna spend your time choosing hostels on your own? 

Then the easiest way to find desired accommodation for you is It is an online service for tourists where you can find an apartment to stay. Rooms or flats are usually provided by hosts who can speak Russian or English.

The average price of an apartment in Almaty is 45$ per night but the cheapest room here is just 10$ per night.  You can be sure about safety and quality of places registered in Airbnb. From one side this service provides professional super-hosts and guaranteed comfort. On the other side, you have to overpay about 13% of apartment cost to Airbnb.

Little warning at last: Wherever you will find an apartment, keep in mind prices you saw here – these are average for a daily apartment. Some local people feel confident enough to cheat and make more money on this. So be careful with that, use online money converter to count tenge (local money), convert them into dollars and vice versa.

That is all for now!

You’re the only person to choose what is most important for your trip, good luck!