Tazy is a peculiar and intelligent dog. It does not need to be specially trained; tazy just lives next to a person and absorbs the qualities necessary for this breed. But at the same time, purebred basins, like a pedigree horse, are quite demanding: for a dog, special conditions must be created that require not only certain financial expenses, but also great knowledge about the breed. For example, tazy needs a warm place to sleep, but it is not possible to allow her to live inside of the house because of the its playfulness. The right food is needed for a dog. The food should be high – calorie, but serve in small portions, so the dog wouldn't stuff its stomach, in other way it would be difficult for dog to walk. 

In terms of their working qualities, tazy breed must be sociable, calm, hardy, with good speed data and certainly brave, able to stop even a wolf. Tazy is hunting dog, so sometimes you need to walk out with it and hunt, so the dog would feel that it is useful for their owner. Thoroughbred tazy are very much appreciated, and a good puppy of a Kazakh greyhound can cost about a thousand US dollars.

The problem with a breed is that it is not registered on the international level. The work to improve that situation is started, but it will take a lot of time before tazy could be confirmed as a unique breed. Dog handlers say that if Kazakh’s breed tazy wanted to participate in dog shows. First of all, there should be at least 1,000 dogs that we must describe. Secondly, get from all of them at least three future generations.  Thirdly, we need to prove that the norms that we prescribe in the standard are indeed norms, and deviation from them will be considered pathology. This all could take at least 10 years before every conditions are met. 

Tobet is a wolfhound dog, in terms of its qualities, it should be next to the flock 24 hours a day, while still being in good contact with a person and possessing stamina. And the growth of the tobet should not be higher than the sheep, so as not to stand out in the flock and not become a sight for the wolf. The length of the muzzle is very important, because if it is shorter than the required proportions, the dog will simply suffocate while grazing the sheep. Plus a thick woolen coat so that the tobet can sleep in the snow or in the pen along with the flock.

First of all, Tobet is the guard of the herd, a large dog that needs to be well fed and kept. But Tazy is a hunter and requires less maintenance, so the demand for tobet is lower, and the situation with the breed is worse.

To find purebred Tobets, dog handlers had to go around tens of villages. But even so, they were not able to find at least 10 dogs, which at least would be on 70-80 percent match the standards. Which is really a bad indicator, but dog handlers are not going to stop on this. At springtime, when livestock will migrate to jailau (the place to eat at summer), scientists will go after them, look for tobets, knit, get offspring, conduct genetic analysis to understand how you can achieve the former purity of the breed.