In a past times zhasau showed the status of the family. Mothers from the daughter's birth prepared a dowry: all kinds of utensils, bedding and much more, including kitchen towels. It is now considered normal to include in dowry clothes for all seasons, bedroom furniture, all kitchen utensils, household appliances and, of course, bed linen. Today, ready-made sets of “Dowry of the Bride” are sold at stores, and on the Internet you can find various types of services for searching, sewing and selecting a dowry.

The process of collecting the dowry was held after matchmaking. The bride’s female relatives had to present gifts for her future marriage. The hostess tried to invite the most successful and happy women and girls from good families. It was believed that each of them brings its own that will affect to the future of the daughter.

What was included in the dowry?

The main attribute of the downy is chest. It is necessary because all the things should be equipped on there.

Next important attribute of the Kazakh bride’s dowry is the Mahabbat-kurpe, which is sewn onto a double bed. A bridal blanket of the same size is being prepared for him.

The dowry should be at least 4-6 sets of bed linen. It was desirable to put white sheets because they represent cleanliness.

Tablecloth was also a must for bride’s dowry. The bride needs to have two or three square tablecloths about a meter per meter to cover small tables.

And of course you need to put jewelry decorations. In the old days, the mother of the girl collected jewelry for many years, at the present time, the girl herself chooses the jewelry that will be worn. The bigger, the better.