There are addresses of trash collecting points in Nur-Sultan.

Green Station

You can get a reward for the rubbish handed over. The price per kilogram of garbage varies from 5 to 100 tenge. The most expensive recyclables are waste from aluminum cans, a little cheaper is transparent and colored polyethylene worth 70 tenge per kilogram. The company accepts glass containers individually, the price of one bottle is three tenge.

Types of waste they receive: waste paper, plastic, glass, cellophane.

Where? Abylay Khan Avenue, 29/2.

Ағайындар (agayyndar) KZ

“Agayyndar KZ” collecting secondary raw materials company which has been operating since 2014.

Types of waste they receive: cardboard, paper, transparent polyethylene, colored polyethylene, plastic boxes, stretch film, HDPE canisters, bottles for household chemicals, aluminum can, transparent glass.


st. Mustafin, 21/1

st. Constitution, 20/2

st. Bukhar Zhyrau, 30a

st. Taha Hussein, 2

Mangilik Ave. 19/1

st. Kosshigululy, 24/4

st. 187, d.16/3

st. Imanbaev, 7 G

st. Ualihanov, 24a

st. Toraigyrov, 3

st. Imanov, 50/1

st. Louis Pasteur, 69

st. Seyfullin, 65

st. Dosmukhameduli, 4

st. Dostyq, 5

st. I. Omarov

Batteries and other quicksilver-containing equipment you can take to “Technodom” (St. Valikhanov, 170; St. Kabdolov, 1) and in the "Planet of Electronics" at st. Zhandosova, 70.