Looking at the souvenirs you will always remember those joyful days of your traveling time! By the way, the word “souvenir” is precisely translated from French as “memory”. You can buy something from Kazakhstan’s daily life, like famous “Kazakhstan” chocolate or you can visit specialized souvenir shops!

Don’t know where to go first? It’s up to your choice – what kind of souvenir you wanna pick? This article will help you to find the right place to buy souvenirs.


Where? Prospect of the Republic, 7

"Talisman", which was founded back in 1998, is a paradise for tourists. Here you can buy everything that is connected with the life of the nomads: wolf skins, stuffed birds and animals, swords, shields, gold and silver jewelry... So you definitely won’t leave without a gift! In addition to mass-produced products, “Talisman” sells works of Kazakhstan jewelers in the national style. If you want something special - you should definitely come to the "Talisman" and get your souvenir! Oh wait, here you can also buy paintings! “Talisman” sees the support of artists of Kazakhstan as one of its missions. You can find and buy paintings in various styles. 

“Talisman” is not just a store, it is a center of jewelers and artists who will help you find a piece of Kazakh culture.

Visit website http://talismans.kz/


Where? 54 Bogenbai Batyr Avenue

Wanna take a little copy of Baiterek with you? Or maybe a mug with views of Nur-Sultan? Then check out «Merci». Things you can find there: playing cards, yurts, lighters, magnets, and plates... Some souvenirs are designed by the store - you won’t find the same! And most importantly – prices are unbelievable! You can bring gifts to all relatives and friends! A 15-cm decorative plate with Baiterek costs only 4$, and a figurine of a girl in a national costume costs 2.5$! “Merci” is constantly updating the catalog of gifts and souvenirs. New arrival for each holiday - New Year, Valentine's Day, International Women's Day, Nauryz, Capital Day, Knowledge Day - so you can bring home not only ordinary souvenirs but also congratulate your friends in the Kazakh style!

If you don’t want to spend time on the road, just order your favorite souvenir online. Their website is currently down, but you can still view their products and order online at satu.kz. They will bring the chosen souvenir directly to you.

The catalog is here https://podarki-merci.satu.kz/product_list


Keruen Souvenirs

Where? Prospekt Dostyk, 20

The word "keruen" is translated as "caravan." This is part of the Kazakh history, the culture of nomads. The name of the store is very related to its positioning. Everything created at Keruen Souvenir is a little story - the story of the nomadic lifestyle, Kazakh people, country's prosperity. This caravan will show you unique things. You can’t buy these in the store! Here you can find handmade panels, porcelain mugs, table accessories, original business card holders, hand-painted silk scarves.

 Compared to other stores, goods are more expensive here. But it's worth it - the quality is appropriate, each souvenir is made by an experienced craftsman. The figurine of the Kazakh batyr (warrior) will cost you 65$, and the photo frame in the form of a yurt (the house of the ancient Kazakhs) costs 17$. Remember that “Keruen Souvenirs” promote Kazakhstan's heritage and traditions. There are really a lot of souvenirs here. You can find tea sets, crystal vases, table plates, paintings with glass, mirrors… Moreover, the are decorated with Kazakh ornaments. Keruen Souvenirs look really cool and luxury, they will fit perfectly into any home and become its decoration. Here you can buy a gift for relatives or colleagues and be sure they’ll like it.

Visit the site http://www.vkeruene.kz/


Shopping and entertainment center "Khan Shatyr"

Where? Prospect Turan, 37

There is probably no person who wouldn’t hear about this miracle of architecture created by Norman Foster. Khan Shatyr is the most famous place in Nur-Sultan, it is daily visited by many locals and tourists. It is full of entertainment and shopping for everyone. That’s why Khan Shatyr is a center of attraction for all guests of the capital. While looking for a gift you should pay attention to the shop of national souvenirs here. Here you can find a large number of magnets (probably the largest magnet shop in Nur-Sultan), decorative plates, figurines, dolls, wall panels, etc.

You like national jewelry? Be sure to check out «the Bilesic» shop with Kazakh national jewelry, buy your friends a tumar (Kazakh amulet). In the «Dastur Dizain» store you will find some textiles as a gift to women. And if you won’t find a souvenir you wanted (which is very unlikely by the way), at least you still can have fun in the largest shopping center Khan Shatyr!


Shopping center "Sine Tempore"

Where? Beibitshilik street, 9

Expensive and dignified - this is how you can describe this place.

Since 1890, in the place of this shopping centere, there were living rooms (like a guest yard). So in the renovated building of the store now you can buy things based on old traditions. Moreover, there you can find one of the most famous souvenir brands of Kazakhstan - “Empire”. “Empire” presents unique products in the national style: dishes, business accessories, decor things and more. They are made according to the original samples, in which you can notice the aesthetics of the nomad culture. 

Empire must be one of the most expensive luxury gift shops. A tea service here costs 395$, a handkerchief 100$, and a mug about 40$. In Empire, you will find not just souvenirs, but real treasures of the past, which were ideally created in the present.

Better visit the site http://www.empire.kz/



Where? Kabanbay batyr street, 9

This is not just a store, but a creative association of experienced craftsmen. Their goal is to show the world the unique soul of Kazakh. They created a really huge catalog of goods at different prices. There are souvenirs for everyone! For example, you can buy magnets for 2$, a decorative plate for 19$, a figurine of dombra (this is a Kazakh national instrument) for 140$, a figurine of a falcon for $ 2500! You see, it’s quite difficult to define an average price. Better see website http://ademi-ai.kz/shop/

Also here you can find souvenirs related to EXPO-2017. This is a very important and significant event for Kazakhstan and its people. Many Kazakhstani celebrities visited “Ademi-ai”, maybe you should pay attention to this store?

Website http://ademi-ai.kz/

Make your visit to Kazakhstan special - bring a piece of this beautiful country with you in various souvenirs.