Nur-Sultan is considered as one of the most beautiful cities in Kazakhstan. Despite the fact that Nur-Sultan is a new city, the city has a lot of attractions and interesting places that you should visit. Here is a guide on what places you should visit in Nur-Sultan if you only have 72 hours.

Let’s start with some history and art.

The national museum of Kazakhstan and The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation are one of the few attractions that are located on the right bank. It is located on Tauyelsyzdyk Street, 57 on the Independence Square. The building is designed in a modern style, and decorated with Kazakh national ornaments. At the entrance you will see the symbol of Kazakhstan - a large golden eagle hanging from the ceiling.

The museum consists of 7 halls: Hall of Astana, Hall of ancient and medieval history, History Hall, Hall of Modern Art, Hall of Independent Kazakh, Hall of Gold, Hall of Ethnography. There are also facilities of a children's museum, a center for children's creativity, two exhibition halls, restoration workshops, laboratories, professional stock vaults, a scientific library with a reading room, a conference hall, and souvenir kiosks. You can also use the services of a guide, but note that all exhibits have descriptions in three languages (Kazakh, Russian and English). The entrance ticket for adults costs 700 tenge, for students - 500 tenge and for children and retiree - 300 tenge. 

Since museum and Pyramid (The Palace of the Peace and Reconciliation) are located close to each other you can take a walk to the palace. On the way to pyramid there is a monument Kazakh Eli.

You can stop there and take some photos. The Palace of Peace and Recociliation houses a 1,300-seat opera house, a national museum, a new "university of civilization", a library and a research center for Kazakhstan's ethnic and geographical groups.

Also, the Hazrat Sultan mosque is located nearby, so you can visit that place. The mosque the largest in Kazakhstan and the second largest in Central Asia. It is built in a traditional Islamic style. You can see a merge of Kazakh ornaments and Arabic script on the walls of the building. The exterior of the mosque is dominated by white color, there is also black, blue and gold colors. Inside, on the walls you can see Kazakh ornaments with names of the 25 prophets of Islam. Also, you can visit the embankment of the city to take a dinner in cozy café or take a walk to the central park.

Next day you can spend in the EXPO and do shopping in Mega Silk Way. Wear the most comfortable shoes, take water and snacks because you will walk a lot. The Sphere “Nur Alem” where consists of 8 levels: The Future Astana; The Space Energy; The Sun Energy; The Wind Energy; The Biomass Energy; The Kinetic Energy; The Water Energy; National Pavilion. Tickets for adults cost 1500 tenge, for children and retirees - 500 tenge and for students for 800 tenge. There are also many futuristic monuments on the territory of EXPO, where you get great photos. Also, there is an amphitheater in front of the Expo where artists perform on the weekends.

Mega Silk Way is the largest entertaining center in Nur-Sultan and it is located on Qabanbay Batyr 62 Street. In the shopping center there are many clothing stores, boutiques of popular brands of Kazakhstani designers, cosmetics stores, a supermarket and the gift shops. If you are traveling with your children, they would love “Happycity” gaming center and ice rink. Also, there is a big food court with different types of food. You will definitely find what you are looking for there. 

Your last day in Nur-Sultan you can start with swimming in artificial beach which is located on the last floor of Khan Shatyr entertaining center. There is always a tropical climate with the high temperature. 

Then you can take a walk around Nurzhol Boulevard and enjoy amazing, futuristic architecture of the left bank. The boulevard is interesting for large architectural sculptures of famous Kazakh and foreign architects.

Also, there are many fountains. On one of them (which is located between Ak-Orda and the Baiterek) is called ‘A singing fountain’ is popular because of the light show with music that are held there. It would be great if you will visit Baiterek monument in the evening when the city is surrounded with red sunset rays.

The perfect ending of your 72-hour visit would be a dinner in a restaurant with a traditional Kazakh food on the top of Beijing Palace.Which is located on Syganaq 27 Street. The average check is 10000-15000 tenge. The night view of Nur-Sultan from the revolving restaurant is breathtaking.